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Game Audio Events 2017

This is by no means a full list of all events. I've included some events that will be useful for any of us in Game Audio in terms of specific game audio only events, and other events that have some feature on game audio or may help with networking with game developers and others in the industry. I am based in the UK so have better knowledge of UK based events, if I've missed anything, let me know and I'll add it!


Jan 5-8

National Harbor, MD

(Game Music performances)

Pocket Gamer Connects

Jan 16-17

London, UK

(Showcases and good for networking/panels)

Game Audio North

18 Feb

Newcastle, UK

Follow @GameAudioNorth on twitter for info!

Irish Game Audio Meetup

25 Feb

Dublin, Ireland

(Meet at The Black Sheep at 6pm)

Game Developers Conference

Feb 27 - Mar 3

San Francisco, CA

(Audio panel talks and "track" available)

Procedural Audio Now!

Film Screening "Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound"

9 Mar

London, UK

Guild for Developers

17 Mar

Guildford, UK

(Networking, no specific audio content)

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra

24 Mar

London, UK

Video games: a series of talks exploring the relationship between video games, history, politics and art.

27 Mar

London, UK

EGX Rezzed

30 Mar - 1 April

London, UK

(Networking, no specific audio content)

London Games Festival

30 Mar - 9 April

London, UK

(Game Audio Summit last year, hopefully the same will happen this year!)

Dear Esther Live

1 April

London, UK

(Live performance to a playthrough, very good!)

Game Audio London Spring Meetup

1 April, 5-11pm

London, UK

The Castle in Farringdon, 34-35 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6DB

(Networking and drinks, All Welcome!)

BAFTA Games Awards

6 April

London, UK

(Sound/Music Awards) (Public Tickets available)

Now Play This

7-9 April

London, UK

(Networking, no specific audio content)

Intel Buzz Workshop

8 April

London, UK

(Talk from Becky Allen, Composer and Audio Director at PopCap)

Game Audio North

8 April, 2-5pm

Huddersfield, UK

(Talks from Will Bedford (Composer), Andrew Overfield (Composer), Barney Oram (Sound Designer), Dexter Prior (Sound Designer) and Kevin Doran (Sound Designer))

Insomnia Games Festival

14-17 April

Birmingham, UK

(Networking, playing games)


20-22 April

Bath, UK

(Conference on game music and sound)

Digital Dragons

22-23 May

Krakow, PL

(Arkadiusz Reikowski and Petri Alanko talks on game music)

E3 2017

13-15 June

San Francisco, LA

Develop: Brighton

11-13 July

Brighton, UK

London Game Audio Drinks

5th August

London, UK


23-26 August

Cologne, Germany

Women in Games Conference

5-6 September

London, UK

(No specific audio content)


21-24 Sept

Birmingham, UK

(Networking, no specific audio content)

Austin Game Conference

21-22 Sept

Austin, Texas

(Audio track to be available this year!)

Game Audio North

30 September

Edinburgh, UK


7-8 November

Los Angeles, CA

(All your game audio needs!)

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